Use of masks

Mask fitting:

It is recommended that the mask be placed on bare skin (i.e. without the presence of hair in contact with the user's skin and, for some people, shaved skin) and that the following steps be respected:

  1. Wash your hands with soap and water or rub them with a hydroalcoholic solution before handling the mask.
  2. Identify the top of the mask, touching only the elastic bands. Brand always on the top.
  3. Position the mask on the face, at nose level, ensuring that there are no large gaps between the face and the mask.
  4. Pass the elastic bands behind the ears, without crossing them.
  5. Lower the bottom of the mask to the chin and check that the mask covers the chin.
  6. Verify that the mask is positioned correctly. To do this, it is necessary to check the seal and the absence of respiratory discomfort.
  7. Once adjusted, do not touch the mask with your hands. If the user needs to touch the mask, he should first wash his hands with soap and water or rub them with a hydroalcoholic solution.

The mask, for its greatest effectiveness, should be placed according to the diagram, covering mouth and nose. It is recommended that an adult supervises the placement and use of the mask for minors.

Do not use more than 4 hours/Maximum and wash daily at 60ºC for one hour.

Allow to dry.

Do not dry clean or use fabric softener.

Keep the place dry and clean.





This device is not a medical device in the sense of Directive 93/42 EEC or Regulation EU / 2017 / 745, nor is it personal protective equipment in the sense of Regulation EU / 2016 /425.

It is important to follow these instructions:

  • Wash before first use.
  • Wash before first use. 
  • If you are ill, this face cover is not suitable, consult your doctor.
  • Check that the face cover correctly covers mouth and nose on bare skin (beard can reduce effectiveness below the limits).
  • The face cover does not replace the protective measures (hand washing and social separation). Nor does it minimize the projection of respiratory saliva droplets from the user into the environment.
  • Not use when practicing sports activities.
  • Stop using it as soon as you notice the first signs of damage.





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